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Porsche 914-6 Conversions
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Motor Meister's Porsche 914-6 Conversion

Quick Six Fix

The Quick Six Fix conversion is to turn your Porsche 914 four-cylinder into a Porsche 914-6. One of Motor Meister's #1 seller for the Porsche 914 owner that has the terminal case of "I've got to have one!"
It will also increase your Porsche 914's value and reliability.

The Porsche 914-6 was a popular production car from day one and even raced in LE MANS, finishing when most factory race cars did not.

Motor Meister's Porsche 914-6 conversion is sold as a performance Porsche engine package. You must be either a true Porsche lover, single, or love to go fast. Motor Meister sells the most complete package ever sold. We give you fun and enjoyment and most of all BRAGGING RIGHTS!

The factory Porsche 914-6 puts out 110 horsepower. At Motor Meister, we know you've got to have more than just 110 HP, so we give it to you at an affordable price.All prices listed are rebuilt Porsche engines motors and come with the Porsche 914-6 package parts listed on the next page.

Motor Meister's Porsche 914-6 listing are our most popular packages, but we can build to suit your exact needs and if your not sure what in the heck you need then give us a call and we can go over what you plan to use your Porsche 914 for.

Questions on Porsche 914-6 Conversions contact

Roy at 1-800-756-0956

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A Motor Meister Porsche 914-6 from San Diego waiting in front of Motor Meister's shop for its proud owner!

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Motor Meister's Dr. Hernadez's "Black Beauty" Porsche 914-6 Conversion

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